Mascot Cutout

Mascot Cutout

$40.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
2 Pounds

Cheer Team Competition Signs are made to your specifications! 

These signs are digitally printed on 1 side and can be purchased with your Team Mascot. 
Any color combination available!


We offer 3 overlaminate options.

  • Standard 3.5 mil Overlaminate is applied to all of our printed signs at no extra charge to provide durability and scratch resistance.
  • High Gloss 10 mil Overlaminate can be applied at an additional cost per side. It provides a very high gloss, extremely durable finish to your signs and is very easy to clean as well as adding extra rigidity.
  • Galactic Series 10 mil Overlaminate is our premium choice for those wanting to add a little extra to their signs. It can be applied for an additional cost. It adds a metallic, shimmering finish to your signs while providing all of the all of the same features as our High Gloss 10 mil overlaminate.


Galactic Series Overlaminate is available with silver metallic flake, holographic metallic flake or gold metallic flake however due to limitations of on screen deign software we are unable to reproduce the effect for soft proofing.


Thanks for choosing! 


    Size: Varies Depending on Mascot.

    Color: Made to customer specs.

    Handles: No


    Custom printed signs can not be returned except in extreme cases.

    Check our FAQ page for more information.