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Our Origins

You may have seen us on ETSY!

We have been selling cheer signs online since the fall of 2017. We started selling on ETSY and eventually outgrew that platform.  We have had many great customers there and still feel it is a great avenue to meet new customers. However, as ETSY fees increased and our business grew, we needed an alternative platform to help keep costs down so we could continue to offer our customers a quality product at an affordable price. 
I have personally been making signs for 20 years and have made everything from larger commercial signs to small labels and decals. Recently I have decided to focus all of my efforts on making signs for the cheer industry and rebranding our products. In the past I cut every sign board by hand. When you only have a few to make this is a great option. However when you take on more and more orders it becomes time consuming and one thing I've learned dealing with cheer coaches is they demand a speedy delivery! So I purchased a CNC machine to handle all of the cutting of our boards after being printed and it saved us tons of time. There were still small inconveniences such as print alignment and having to load each board in the CNC machine precisely or we would ruin the sign and have to start over.
My solution.....was not a new idea but one I managed to accomplish after 2 years of research. I added a vision system to our CNC machine which uses an IP based camera to find specifically printed and placed registration marks. Every sign we print receives these same 4 registration marks and if the sign is loaded not so straight onto the bed of our CNC machine it will automagically correct for that rotation or skew and we end up with a perfectly cut sign board every time! We do plan to upload videos soon explaining our CNC vision system on youtube. If you've ever wondered how the Tesla vehicles can navigate on their own and know the difference in a red or green light it may enlighten you. Our setup isn't as complicated as those automobiles but is based on the novel idea of Open Computer Vision(OpenCV).
We have put lots of effort into making sure we can deliver exactly what our customers want and take pride in doing so and we hope you choose us to make your cheer signs. We look forward to working for you!

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