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Galactic Series Laminate

Our newest option adds an eye catching, shimmering effect to your signs!

We have recently added new options for your signs to achieve the look your team desires!

  • Standard 3.5mil Laminate is used on all of our printed signs. It helps protect your sign from weather and makes them easy to clean and keep looking great season after season.

  • High Gloss 10mil Laminate is a new option we are offering. This is for those teams desiring a very durable crystal clear laminate that adds rigidity and an eye catching, high gloss finish to your signs.

  • Galactic Series 10mil Laminate is a premium option for those looking for that high gloss finish with a little extra! The same durability as the above mentioned High Gloss 10mil Laminate but with an embedded metallic flake in the film that will give your signs a unique and custom look under shifting light. Your signs will take on a celestial appearance, illuminating with a "Galactic" reflection.

Galactic Series Laminate

Galactic Series Laminate

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